Agenda for JGHS Parent Council meeting on 31 May

25 May 2023: The last meeting of the JGHS Parent Council for this school year will be on Wednesday 31 May at 7 pm in the school library.


  1. Welcome
  2. Pupil Equity Fund, attendance and supporting pupils in attaining qualifications
    • Presentation and Q&A
  3. Minutes of last in-person meeting (1 February 2023)
  4. Review of Parent Council Finance
  5. Connect Guidance and Checklist
    • Catering supplies
    • Report from JGHS Trust (PC representatives)
  6. Parent Council Update
  7. Headteacher’s Report
  8. Dates/Format of meetings for 2023/24
  9. AOB

More information about the JGHS Trust, and details of the financial guidance provided to Parent Councils can be found below.

About the JGHS Trust

Information about the JGHS Trust

JGHS Trust Annual Report 2021/22

JGHS Trust website

Financial guidance from Connect

Financial guidance provided to Parent Councils by Connect

JGHS PC Money Matter finance health check May 2023

JGHS PC completed finance health checklist May 2023

Finance report for Parent Council meeting 31 May 2023

Get in touch

If you have any questions or issues that you would like to raise at the meeting, please contact the Parent Council by email:

Email the Parent Council

Previous and future meetings

This is the last meeting of the Parent Council for this school year.  Details of the previous Parent Council meeting are available on our website:

Parent Council meeting on 1 February 2023

Parent Council meeting on 21 March 2023

The provisional dates for meetings in 2023/24 are below:

  • Tuesday 5 September (online)
  • Wednesday 11 October (in person)
  • Tuesday 28 November (online)
  • Wednesday 31 January (in person)
  • Tuesday 19 or 26 March (online)
  • Wednesday 29 May or 5 June (in person)