The following committee members were appointed at our AGM in October 2021:

  • Sarah Scott (Chair)
  • Kirstin Leighton (Secretary)
  • Ros Ingle (Treasurer)
  • Laura Bird (Communications co-ordinator)
  • Hilary Snaith (Communications co-ordinator)
  • Nicolas Boyes (Committee member)
  • Karen Burke (Committee member)
  • Anna Christal (Committee member)
  • Graeme Davis (Committee member)
  • Cath Downie (Committee member)
  • Rob Dunbar (new Committee member)
  • Ruth Fowler (new Committee member)
  • Sarah Jordan (new Committee member)
  • Ailsa Macintosh (Committee member)
  • Lynne Mackintosh (Committee member)
  • Aileen Nimmo (Committee member)
  • Cressida Peake (Committee member)
  • Vikki Plant (Committee member)
  • Katy Ruggeri (Committee member)
  • Steffi Schultze (new Committee member)
  • Lisa Sutherland (Committee member)
  • Penny Tarsia (Committee member)
  • Charles Warlow (Committee member)

The committee can be contacted at: