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New resources from Intercultural Youth Scotland

11 May 2023: Intercultural Youth Scotland (IYS) is Scotland’s leading charity for Black and People of Colour youth.

They have recently developed some new resources that can be shared with anyone who might benefit – click the links below view flyers with more information:

About IYS

Find out more about the work of IYS on their website:

Intercultural Youth Scotland

Antiracism actvities at JGHS, including a presentation by Grace Dempsey from IYS were discussed at the Parent Council meeting on 1 February 2023 – you can find more details at the link:

Parent Council meeting on 1 February: addressing antiracism

Parent Council meeting on 1 February: addressing antiracism

Updated 22 February 2023: Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend the JGHS parent council meeting on Wednesday 1 February.

This was a very interesting meeting, which covered a wide range of topics over the course of the evening. The minutes will be available in due course.

Headteacher’s report

An update on school activities was presented by the headteacher Mr Neil McCallum – see link below.

Headteacher’s report 1 February 2023

Antiracism activities at JGHS

The main focus was on antiracism activities at JGHS with presentations give by teachers Mr Porter, Mr Watt and Mr Cham, and by Grace Dempsey from Intercultural Youth Scotland, and the work she is doing in the school to support pupils and teachers to address racism and discrimination.

Intercultural Youth Scotland

A+ Group

We were also very pleased to hear about the A+ Group, a new project that will be starting in the school later this month, led by Zaki El-Salahi.

The group:

  • is for Parents & Carers of young people who are from the African and Asian diaspora, and go to JGHS
  • is also open to Parents & Carers with ‘Ethnic Minority’ status, who want to listen, learn from, & support Black and Asian families at JGHS
  • will make specific parts of our meetings welcome to White/’Ethnic Majority’ Parents & Carers – to listen, learn from & support us.

You can learn more about the group and its aims below:

A+ Group – slides

A+ Group further information

The group will meet online on the last Wednesday of each month from February to June 2023. For further information and/or join the A+ group, please contact Zaki:

Email Zaki