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Mr Neil McCallum to be Acting Head Teacher at JGHS

10 June 2022: Today parents and carers at JGHS received a letter from Jackie Reid, Acting Senior Education Manager at the City of Edinburgh Council, to say that Mr Neil McCallum, currently Head Teacher at Balerno High School, has been appointed as Acting Head Teacher at JGHS from August to December, 2022.

The letter went on to say that “Mr McCallum has previously worked in James Gillespie’s, which provides him with a well-established knowledge of the school context. His extensive leadership skills and experience will augment the strength of the existing senior leadership team to provide the continuity and stability needed at this time”.

Update on recruitment of new Headteacher at JGHS

27 May 2022: The post of Headteacher at JGHS was advertised by the Council at the beginning of May, with the hope that a replacement for the school’s retiring Head, Donald Macdonald, could be put in post as close as possible to his departure date in August. 

That advert has now closed, and the Council have decided that the post should be re-advertised to allow more time for all prospective candidates to register an interest.  This will take place after the summer holidays at the beginning of the 2022/23 school session.

For the period up to Christmas, the Council are planning to designate an Acting Headteacher, and are hoping to recruit a suitable candidate from amongst the secondary Headteachers in Edinburgh.

Parent Council involvement

Parent representatives have been working with the Council to find the best way forward in this process. The Parent Council has emphasised the importance of a capable, committed and enthusiastic acting Headteacher being in place as soon as possible so they are able to work with Mr Macdonald in the run-up to his retirement and can take over smoothly after the summer. 

They have also stressed that the new recruitment process should be a dynamic and open one, which is advertised as widely as possible and will maximise the possibility of a competitive range of candidates being attracted to the role.

Please send any comments you have about this matter to the Parent Council.

Email the Parent Council

Edinburgh EIS Local Elections Hustings

27 April 2022: In the run up to the local council elections, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) will be hosting an opportunity to ask representatives from the main political parties about their priorities for education in Edinburgh. 

Online Any Education Questions next Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 6.30 pm (via Zoom)

Please come along to show our politicians that schools and children matter!

Click here to register
Please Note:

  • All attendees will be given the opportunity to submit questions in advance, so that we can try to ensure that we cover the full range of concerns.  The EIS will email those who register with more information about this, as well as sending them the zoom link etc
  • EIS are trying to secure BSL interpreters, but cannot guarantee that they will be able to have this in place.  They aim to set up captioning.  If there are other things they can do to make the meeting more accessible, please get in touch with then directly (via edinburghla@eis.org.uk).
  • *They have invited spokespersons from each of the parties represented at Holyrood/who are part of COSLA.

CCwP meeting held 24 February 2022

22 March 2022: The Council’s Consultative Committee with Parents (CCwP) met on 24 February 2022 to discuss the issues which would be considered at the Education, Children and Families Committee the following week.

This included:

  • The Council’s strategy on school attendance
  • An update on SQA plans for exams this year
  • An update on Council figures on school leaver destinations

Shared documents from meeting

CCwP ECF report

Attendance in Edinburgh

SQA Update, February 2022

Edinburgh Learns Pathways report

A recording of the meeting can be viewed at the link below.

CCwP meeting 24 February 2022

Forum for parents with children with Additonal Support Needs

12 March 2022: The Council has set up a forum for meeting with parents with children with ASN in mainstream schooling, which feeds into discussions with Councillors and senior Council staff at the CCwP (Consultative Committee with Parents) before each Education, Children and Families Committee meeting (6 per year).

The last meeting was on 31 January and looked at Digital Learning and Pathways for Support.  The minutes and presentations can be found here.

Minutes of Meeting on 31 January 2022

Empowered Learning – David McKee 31 January 2022

Terms of Reference for ASN in Mainstream Schooling Forum

Get involved

The Parent Council would like to hear from parents who have issues they would like raised via this this group.  Please contact the PC email to be put in contact with our rep on the group.

Email the Parent Council

NE/SE Locality Parent Engagement meeting

11 February 2022: The NE/SE Parental Engagement Locality Group Meeting with City of Edinburgh Council was held on 1 February 2022 via Microsoft Teams.

You can read the minutes of the meeting and access presentations on the Learning Estate and the CEC Digital Consortia below:

Minutes of NE/SE Locality Meeting 1 February 2022

CEC Learning Estate Update – January 2022

CEC Digital Consortia Update – February 2022

Impacts of Covid-19 on school communities

26 January 2022: The City of Edinburgh Council is holding open meetings for parents in January and February to discuss the impacts of Covid-19 on school communities and parental engagement.

The first of these meetings was on Tuesday 11 January 2022, and was followed by similar discussions on Tuesday 25 January.

A report from the first meeting is now available:

Covid IIA Meeting: Lessons Learned  11 January 2022

The last opportunity to attend a meeting is on Tuesday 22 February 2022, at 6.15 – 7.15 pm. 

Parents should join via MS Teams through this link: 

Click here to join the meeting

These meetings let the Council hear from parents about how changes, such not allowing parents to attend events in school, are affecting school communities.

For more information please contact: Parental.Engagement@edinburgh.gov.uk

School communities and parental engagement

10 January 2022: The City of Edinburgh Council is holding open meetings for parents in January and February to discuss the impacts of Covid-19 on school communities and parental engagement.

The first of these meetings is Tuesday 11 January 2022, and will be followed by similar discussions on Tuesday 25 January, and Tuesday 22 February 2022.  All the meetings are at 6.15 – 7.15 pm. 

Parents are welcome to join any of the meetings on MS Teams through this link: 

Click here to join the meeting

This is an opportunity to let the Council hear from parents about how changes, such not allowing parents to attend events in school, are affecting school communities. The Parent Council encourages parents to join one of the Council meetings to raise any issues.

For more information please contact: Parental.Engagement@edinburgh.gov.uk

Edinburgh City Council Consultative Committee with Parents

22 May 2021: A meeting of the Council’s Consultative Committee with Parents (CCwP) meeting took place on Thursday 13 May. 

There was good news at the meeting in the form of £5.9 million for the Council to support Covid-19 recovery funding, which will be used to retain extra school staff employed this year. 

The meeting also heard about the ongoing parental concerns on the SQA’s Alternative Certification Model that had been raised at Locality meetings. 

The meeting discussed implementation of a new funding model for Active Schools, and the impact this will have on the activities that are offered, and how they are financed.  JGHS Parent Council, the School and our Active Schools co-ordinator have been collaborating to ensure that the current range of activities at the school can be retained in 2021/22.

A number of sports activities will be running for S1-S3 pupils in the run up to summer 2021. Booking must be made by Monday 24 May.

More details and club booking info

A recording of the CCwP meeting is available

CCwP meeting 13 May 2021

Edinburgh Council engagement with schools in the SE/NE Locality

21 May 2021: The Council’s SE/NE Locality meeting took place on 27 April 2021 and looked at the following issues:

Edinburgh School estate

An update on developments across the school estate was given by Robbie Crockatt, Acting School Estate Planning Officer.

Learning Estate Update April 2021

Holiday arrangements

Possible changes to school holiday arrangements to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee were discussed.

SQA Alternative Certification Model

The Council gave a further update on arrangements for SQA assessments, following a number of concerns raised by Parent Councils.

SQA Alternative Certification Model update April 2021

Secondary PC chair meeting 31 March 2021

Issues such as pressure on pupils and schools, the lack of contingency arrangements for Covid-19 outbreaks and the SQA’s failure to put in place an appeals process were discussed.

A note of the SE/NE Locality meeting can be found here