Results of Parent Council survey now out!

At the end of the last school year in June 2021 the Parent Council consulted with the parent/carer body at James Gillespies High School.

We asked what you thought we should be focusing on in 2021/22, and what topics were particularly important to you in the coming year. Over 180 people responded, with a broad range of views across a variety of topics.

We have brought together the results and comments in a report.

Report on 2021 JGHS Parent Council survey

In summary

About Parent Council meetings

  • Parents generally liked the online format of meetings which is more accessible and allowed more people to attend than in the past.  There was also an appetite for this format to be continued in the future – for at least part of the PC’s work.
  • Some responses also pointed out that meetings online led to lack of spontaneity and did not allow for networking, and there were also suggestions about ways to improve the meeting format.
  • Parents preferred receiving notification of meetings via the school email and wanted dates and times of meetings circulated well in advance.

About our priorities and participation

  • Health and well-being, rising rolls and SQA arrangements were identified as key priorities for the PC for the future.
  • Specific concerns were raised in relation to particular areas, such as rising rolls, mental health and SQA arrangements.

About Fundraising and socialising

  • Most parents supported the idea of fundraising for school activities, and also felt that it was important that a social aspect was included in any activities. There was also support for direct donation through Parentpay for those for whom that would be easier.
  • Concern was also expressed by some, however, that parents would have to fundraise to cover activities/items that would normally be covered by Council funding.

Get in touch

If you have any feedback on the survey itself, or if you would like to send any other comments about activities in the Parent Council, please email us at