School leaver attainment and initial destinations

2 March 2023: The Scottish Government published its latest statistics on school leaver attainment and their initial destinations on 28 February 2023.

The new report provides information on the attainment and destinations of 2021/22 school leavers from Scotland’s publicly funded schools.

It includes information on leavers’ attainment in National Qualifications gained throughout their time at school, and reports on their destinations approximately three months after the end of the school year in October 2022. It also includes statistics on the proportion of leavers who gained vocational (or ‘skills-based’) qualifications.

You can read the newsletter from the Office of the Chief Statistician (ScotStat) or access the summary statistics at the links below:

Newsletter from ScotStat

Summary Statistics for Attainment and Initial Leaver Destinations No. 5: 2023 edition