Independent review of Scottish qualifications and assessments

11 November 2022: The Scottish Government has announced that it is their intention to reform qualifications and assessments in Scotland.

About the review

To provide guidance for this reform, an independent review of qualifications and assessments has been launched by the Scottish Government, which will run alongside the ongoing National Discussion on education in Scotland.

This review will look more closely at how learner’s achievements should be recognised and looks specifically at issues such as the role of curriculum for excellence, the balance between external and internal assessment, the use of technology and equity.

Details of the review and its background are available on the consultation website:

Hayward Independent Review of Scottish Qualifications and Assessments

This reform process will seek to ensure that all learners’ achievements are fairly recognised to afford every learner an enhanced and fair opportunity to demonstrate the breath, depth and relevance of their learning.  

Submit your view by 16 December 2022

The review is asking for input to the consultation. You can submit your responses via their online survey:

Qualifications and Assessment survey

The National Discussion

Once the consultation on The National Discussion finishes in early December 2022, the findings will also be fed into the review.

More information: Let’s talk Education – The National Discussion

Once the qualifications and assessment review is completed, Professor Louise Hayward will provide recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary in March 2023.