Mr Macdonald is leaving us

1 June 2022: As you will be aware, our Head Teacher, Mr Macdonald, is retiring at the end of this term. 

The Parent Council thought it would be nice to mark the occasion by setting up some awards in his name for pupils, to fit with the school values.  We would also like to get him some small personal gifts.  

We hope that many parents would like to contribute to this, so if you wish to do so, please use the following link to CollectionPot: 

Mr Macdonald’s retirement collection

Once we have arranged the gifts, we will post the details on the PC website. please note that the Pot will close on 24 June.

We have also set up a ‘virtual’ leaving card which you may also wish to sign – this may be found here: 

Mr Macdonald’s leaving card

**PLEASE USE THE CARD AND NOT THE DONATIONS PAGE FOR ANY MESSAGES, as Mr Macdonald will not see the donations page**

Many thanks!