Upcoming Parent Council meeting on 22 September 2021

17 September 2021: We would like to invite you to the next Parent Council meeting which will take place online on Tuesday 22 September at 7 pm. We will email out the MS Teams link on Monday 21 September from JGHS Admin team. 

We will hear from:

  • Donald Macdonald, (HT) – Overview
  • Jeff Warden, (DHT) – Digital Learning
  • Deirdre O’Brien, (DHT) – Learning and Teaching
  • Ian Porter/Ben Lewis (DHTs) – Pupil Support
  • Ian Porter/Ben Lewis (DHTs) – PE update
  • Bob Shankland (DHT) – SQA update

Questions & Answers via the Q&A typed chat facility in Teams. If you would like to raise any issues or ask any questions ahead of the meeting please email us by 2 pm Monday 21 September and where possible these will be included in the presentations.  

Email the Parent Council at jghscouncilcomms@gmail.com